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Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is a private non-profit institute founded in 1995.

Our broader objective is implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the praxis as well as their integration into national and EU strategic development programmes.


Our specific objectives are:

  • implementation of SD sustainable development in agriculture and rural development,
  • protection of nature in agriculture and by the help of agriculture, and
  • enhancement of living connections between urban – rural – nature.


Topics of our work are:

  • Organic farming – conversion, technologies, system approach; support of marketing initiatives
  • Implementation of sustainable development principles in policy and practice
  • Protection of environment and biodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture
  • Agricultural and rural development policy
  • Millenium Development Goals and organic farming
  • Impact of our lifestyle (focus: food, fodder, fuel) on Developing Countries
  • Innovative projects of sustainable rural development
  • Holistic approach to nutrition and quality of food
  • Sustainable production and consumption / lifestyle
  • Eco-tourism / agro-eco-tourism
  • Enhancing role of non-governmental organisations in development of strategic programmes on different levels (national, EU, international) and their implementation.


Methods of our work:

  • Research and development
  • Providing advisory and expertise (especially in organic farming)
  • Informing, awareness raising, training, education, publication
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops and other public events
  • Networking and lobbying
  • Focused work with target groups (farmers, rural population, experts, children...)


ISD is an active member of:



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