About us

Institute for Sustainable Development is a private non-profit organization, established in 1995.

Our broad mission is to strive for the integration of the principles of sustainable development into practice and strategic development documents. Our immediate mission is to implement sustainable development in agriculture and in rural areas, as well as to promote the development of living links between urban and rural areas.

Our goals:

  • integration of the principles of sustainable development into strategic development documents and practice;
  • implementation of organic farming and sustainable rural development in Slovenia, the EU and the world;
  • sustainable environmental protection and nature conservation in agriculture and with the help of agriculture.

Our work themes:

  • organic farming - redirection, technology, holistic approach and thinking;
  • assistance in establishing market links between organic producers and processing, consumers, traders and others;
  • green tourism in the countryside (agro-ecotourism: connecting tourism and organic farming);
  • sustainable rural development;
  • nature and environment protection in agriculture and in rural areas (including sustainable use and management of natural resources, water, energy, etc.);
  • agricultural and rural development policy, food policy;
  • whole food nutrition and holistic aspects of nutrition, as well as quality of life (health - environment - economy);
  • strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations in implementing the principles of sustainable development (influence on strategic development documents, participation in their implementation).

The work we do:

  • research and development projects;
  • informing, animation, awareness raising, education, publishing of publications;
  • consulting (especially on ecofarms);
  • organizing conferences, public consultations and events;
  • networking, project and programme cooperation with other organizations, especially NGOs;
  • working with all target groups, especially farmers, experts and children/young people.

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