Our institute is an active member in a number of international organizations.

Plan B Network for Slovenia – Plan B is a network of non-governmental environmental organizations that understand sustainable development as one that will meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

EEB – European Environmental Bureau. It is the largest network organization of European NGOs. Members since 2001.

IFOAM – International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. The largest world network organization of organic farming movements. Members since 1997.

IFOAM EU - IFOAM Regional Organization for the EU. Through our membership in the executive committe we are also representing other Slovenian members (Biodar Association). Anamarija Slabe is a member of the IFOAM EU committee.

GENET - Network organization of NGOs working in the field of gene technology.

PAN Europe - Pesticide Action Network is an international non-governmental organization that seeks to reduce the use of chemical synthetic pesticides through awareness and campaigning. Members since 2014.

SLOGA - Slovenian NGO platform for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Members since 2018.

We are a member and co-founder of the international platform for technology and innovation in organic farming TIPI - the Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM. TIPI – the Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM.

Membership in these international organizations enables us to provide high-quality and in-depth work in the field of environmental protection in Slovenia due to the quick and direct access to environmentally relevant information regarding the policies, methods and results of research.

It also enables us to communicate the opinions and interests of Slovenian environmental NGOs on the international/EU level.

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